Cyndi Seidler, Academy Director

Cyndi Seidler gained recognition among the organizing industry for her contribution in helping to educate professional organizers through her online training academy which offers a course and apprenticeship.

Often featured in the media as an organizing expert and "Organizer to the stars", Cyndi has appeared on numerous television shows and news programs, interviewed on popular radio shows, and highlighted in various magazines and newspapers nationwide.

Cyndi’s noteworthy appearances on television include NBC's reality show Starting Over, HGTV's Into Closets With Kathy Ireland, KTLA-5 Making It, and regularly in a couple seasons of HGTV's Smart Solutions hosted by Maty Monfort.

As a speaker and national spokesperson, Cyndi did TV media tours throughout the U.S providing organizing tips and advice on morning news shows in key cities for Tupperware, Post-it Portable Flags & Notes, Quicken, and Calgon.

In 1999, Cyndi produced and hosted "Organized Living With Cyndi Seidler" on KIEV-870 AM. This program was also produced on an Internet radio station.

In 2007 she produced the first in a video series called, "Get Organized with Cyndi Seidler," available on DVD.

Being a prolific writer, Cyndi has written numerous articles on getting organized that have been published throughout the country and the internet, including her syndicated column "Organized Living" (see www.organizedlifestyles.com for a source of viewing her column).

Her books include, "Organize for Success", "The Art of Filing Systems", and "A Manual for Professional Organizers".

Since 1994, Cyndi’s Los Angeles based company, HandyGirl Organizers, has helped many individuals get organized. Over the recent years, she has become an activist in environmental welfare and "green home" or natural home living. Being an innovator of "eco-style" living, she spearheaded the principles of eco-organizing that is rapidly paving her notoriety as the "Eco-organizer."

Cyndi has developed several websites and blogs about organizing. Her network includes: