A Manual for Professional Organizers
By Cyndi Seidler

The "Bible" book of the industry ...

a manual for professional organizers by cyndi seidlerA Manual for Professional Organizers
4th Edition

By Cyndi Seidler

Published by Banter Books, Softcover 8.5 x 11, 148 pages.

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Written by a successful veteran organizer, this manual contains valuable information to start, run and grow your organizing business.  It is the "Bible" book for Professional Organizers!  

"This manual is the most insightful, comprehensive, straightforward and orderly one of its kind." - DM

Chapters include:

  • Industry Overview
    The Organizing Industry
    About NAPO

  • The Business of Professional Organizing
    What Is A Professional Organizer
    Benefits of a Professional Organizer

    Traits Of A Business Owner
    Organizing Skills & Specialties
    Organization Technology
    Professional Development
    Contractor Status
    Code of Conduct

  • Getting Started
    Start-up Costs
    Your Business Entity
    Setting Up Your Business Operations
    Handling Finances

  • Establishing Your Business
    Strategic Planning
    Organization Structure
    Setting Fees
    Business Organization Tools
    Setting Up Your Home Office

  • Running Your Business
    Project Preliminaries
    A Needs Assessment
    The Need for Proposals
    Client Administration
    Work Records & Logs
    Sample Forms

  • Organizing Your Client
    An Organizing Project
    Working with the Client
    Working With Special Clients

  • Marketing & Promoting Your Business
    The Market
    Marketing Strategies
    Advertising & Promotion
    Making The Sale
    Building & Maintaining Clientele
    Strategic Partnerships
    Organizers Working Together
    Calendar of Special Organizing Events

  • Epilogue

  • References

  • Glossary



"This manual is the most insightful, comprehensive, straightforward and orderly one of its kind. It is a 'must read' for anyone who is serious about becoming a successful Professional Organizer. The basic techniques outlined in this publication provide readers with beneficial guidance to launch and promote their own businesses." - Donna McMillan, former president of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Los Angeles Chapter,1996.

. . . . . . .

"I read from cover to cover. I thought it was extremely well-organized and I liked the way you presented the business side of this profession. Even though I'm going into my fourth year as an organizer, there were many things to be learned from your book to make my presentation more professional and salable. I also have had students of my own from time to time, and had been thinking of compiling my class notes into a little workbook. After reading yours, I felt like you really said it all..." - R.G., a professional organizer

. . . . . . .

"If you are wondering what a Professional Organizer actually does and if you qualify to be a Professional Organizer, you will get these answers plus information on starting, marketing and promoting your business from the book." - Renee Jordan, president of NAPO Minnesota Chapter, 1997.

. . . . . . .

"Throughout your manual I was able to pick up a variety of tips for my business." - Christine Palen, president of NAPO, Los Angeles Chapter, 1997.

. . . . . . .

"I just received a copy of your book "A Manual For Professional Organizers".  What a wealth of information and is sure to be a key in getting my new business of Professional Organizing off the ground." - C.S., a professional organizer. 

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"Many thanks - the manual has been informative and has given us the impetus to get going at last!" - M.L., a professional organizer.

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